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Helping a product design blog grow it's audience



In 2012 leManoosh launched as a Tumblr blog as a source of inspiration for industrial, interior and product design. By 2016 it had grown to be one of the most influential websites in it’s industry, pulling in thousands of unique visits every day as well as attracting the likes of Apple, Mercedes Benz & IDEO to use it as a platform to source design talent for their organisations.

The Challenge

The blog’s founders were keen to capitalise on the platforms increasing exposure and trusted reputation within the industry. With the likes of big name organisations already choosing the platform to source design talent using the blog’s primitive but free job board, it was clear their was an opportunity to enhance the user experience and provide a better ROI to the organisation.


A number of initial discovery sessions were held with the organisations founders to understand the changing needs and expectations of the blog’s audience. An evolved business model that would center around generating revenue through an improved job and business directory was conceived and a redesign of the platform and it’s user experience would need to follow.

A User Centered Experience

Insights from my discovery work revealed that there would be two distinct user groups that the experience of the platform should be tailored to. Organisations would need a clear and direct solution to post jobs and hire applicants, while applicants and the general audience would need to be able to search and discover content to them.

Removing Complexity

As the client’s business model had evolved, it was now important to understand how the experience could be refined to make it simple and enjoyable for organisations registering to use the platform's company and job directory. The project began with a low fidelty wireframing exercise which allowed me to consider this aspect in detail, and refine it multiple times with the client.

After multiple revisions I decided to simplify the signup process into a succinct two step process that was designed to minimise time and frustration when registering. By asking for ‘less’ our hope was that I could reduce the cognitive load of the user and impact positively on conversion. Once registered an organisation was then free to fill out additional details and build their company profile.

Responsive Prototyping

After the general layout and user workflows had been agreed, I moved into prototyping and designing the product within the browser using Webflow, ensuring that it responded well across multiple devices and screen sizes. I favour prototyping within the browser as it gives us and my clients the opportunity to understand exactly how a product functions.

Mapping User Flows

It was crucial to address the key functional requirements early on within the design stage and to understand the way users would move through the site, browsing and searching for key information. Prototyping allowed me to understand these journeys across a variety of devices, most crucially on mobile.

Page & element Design

The whole site was re-designed from the ground up, new information architecture was conceived to reflect the new business model and many new page templates based on the identified user flows were created, including those for the revamped job board and new company profiles.

UI Design

The design of the site was heavily influenced by the concept of ‘material design’ keeping things as bold, graphical and intentional. The site also contains a lot of visual content and high-res product photography, so my priority was to create a visual style that looked great as well as complimenting the content.


The re-designed leManoosh site launched in December 2016. Since then the new site has helped the business scale with it's new revenue model and the future looks positive.

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