Helping a beyond profit startup grow their audience.



Lightful are a beyond profit startup whose purpose is to strengthen relationships between good people and great causes. Their core offering is a SaaS product that allows beyond profits and charities to manage and run more effective social media campaigns to raise awareness about important causes.

The Challenge

Lightful had already released a very early stage MVP to the public and had a small user based of early adopters using the platform. However, it was clear that if the business wanted to meet it's acquisition targets, then the platform would need to be re-visited from a UX standpoint and overhauled to provide a better online experience.

Agile workflow

I worked with Lightful  to improve the user experience of their platform and help grow their user base. Using an Agile methodology and collaborating with the in-house development team, I researched, prototyped, tested and collaborated on series of powerful updates to the platform over a 6 month period.

Information Architecture

Sitemaps were created that mapped out the main functionality and screens of the platform. These provided the basis of the architecture and were used as a reference point that provided a holistic overview of how the initial experience would come together.


I created early stage wireframes for some of the key platform features using Balsamiq, but after some discussion with the wider team and stakeholders, we felt that moving toward interactive prototyping would be a much better approach to communicate layout and interaction solutions to the development team.


I built functional prototypes that allowed us to share and review our proposed design solutions with the development team and business stakeholders. Using UXPin, I was not only able to prototype complex functionality with ease, but also work in a quick and iterative way that allowed me to meet the demanding timelines of the project.

UI Pattern Library

I also collaborated closely with the in-house design team to conceptualise and create a UI pattern library that could be applied across both the online web platform and mobile app. The pattern library provided a consistent set of elements that could be easily re-used by the design and development teams for further updates and feature releases within the platform.

Continuous Iteration

As additional features were released into public beta, I worked closely with the Product and Customer Service teams to analyse customer feedback and reviews of the platform to see what areas of the user experience could be continously iterated and improved upon.


The updated Lightful platform launched in early 2018 and the company has recently raised over £4m in seed funding to continue the platform's growth and expansion.

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