First Rail

iOS & Android app enhancements


First Rail is one of the most experienced rail operators in the UK, carrying more than 260m passengers across three franchises. Over a six month period, I worked with Future Platforms to help make significant UX improvements to First Rail's iOS and Android apps.

My account

A core part of the User Experience is the My Account area. Here users can plan their journey, book and view their tickets, get live train time information and manage their account settings. My work included UI enhancements, onboarding and optimisation for larger screen devices, such as iPhone X.

Live times

Live Times allows users to see live updates of trains departing and arriving at specific stations. My work involved re-designing this part of the app to integrate several new features as well as making more general UX and usability enhancements.

Seat Reservation

For some journeys, users are able to reserve seats for their outbound and inbound legs of their journey. This was a new feature that I worked on that had to be designed and implemented from scratch.

Additional updates

Many more additional updates were made to First Rail's apps. As a result of an NDA, I am un-able to show additional work for this client, but more information is availabe on request.

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