Designing a car selling experience


In 2019, Ebay launched the Ebay Motors group (eMG), which consisted of Ebay, and Gumtree. I worked with Gumtree for 9 months to help them re-define their customer offering and design a new set of features for the website.

Team setup

The Gumtree product team is split into three squads, each with a single focus on a particular aspect of the product. The Buyer Squad, which focuses on buyer needs and behaviour on the platform, the Seller Squad, which focuses on seller needs and behaviour on the platform, and the Commercial Squad, which focuses on commercial opportunities accross the business and product.

My role

During my time working at Gumtree, I worked within the Seller squad, where, collaborating closely with the Product Manager and key business stakeholders, my main focus was to lead the discovery, design and user testing of new features that served Sellers on the Gumtree platform.

Car price guidance

One feature that I worked extensively on was car price guidance. We new there was a need on the platform for users to be able to get clear guidance on the price they could sell their car for, so we set about ideating and testing various approaches for how this might work for Gumtree.

Early ideation

Working closely with the Product Manager, I started to visualise what the user journey and interaction processes would look like using wireframes. During the design process, as was often the case at Gumtree, I would upload design work to sites such as Usability Hub, to get quick feedback from users. This allowed me to refine the design as I worked and get feedback into my design ideas early on.

Developing ideas

Throughout the process I worked closely with the tech team to asses feasability of my ideas and to have a dialogue about the best way to build things that were being designed. Being a good designer is often about making comprises and designing in a realistic way that takes into account real world limitations when building products.

Visual Design

After testing and refining the wireframes, I began to produce a visual design. The design of the tool made use of Gumtree’s vibrant, human centric brand. Research had shown that selling a car was percieved as being difficult and time consuming, so I used imagery that felt fun and light hearted.

Testing & learning

A large part of the culture at Gumtree revolved around shipping features or ideas quickly and assesing their impact in the real world. We launched an MVP version of the car price guidance feature within a few weeks and this allowed us to gain insight into how people used it, how effective it was as a tool and how we could further improve the experience.

Additional work

Alongside the Car price guidance tool, I worked on the UX and visual design of many other tools and features, aimed at helping users buy and sell motor vehicles on Gumtree. These include additional landing pages, valuation and finance tools, as well as a car buying wizard.